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Policy Paper(Visions to Support the Palestinian National Reconciliation Conference): The Reconciliation Committee

 Dr.Naser Abu-Elata Professor of the sociology at Al-Aqsa university. Researcher of the political and national issues. Dr. Nasser said in his research paper” the committee of reconciliation” that the issue of the reconciliation among the Palestinians has recently occupied a central position in the political debate to end the state of division . Ending division forms a necessity and base to halt violence and the internal fighting and reunifying all the society powers based on national, democratic and liberal program as a condition for our people to be steadfast in confronting the occupation , aggression and achieving the national goals. No doubt that achieving of the national and community reconciliation requires a multi-dimensional settlement ,including the political settlement and the community settlement. To achieve the political settlement, we have to do the following: Political settlement: · Adopting a social ,political and national contract which forms a ruling background frame for the Palestinians in their theoretical thinking and behavior. · Independency of the Palestinian decision away from the regional affinities which negatively affect on the active Palestinian powers. · Culture of dialogue and Multiplicity , the Peaceful transfer of power and the partnership in the Political and social levels, · Claiming the political responsibility on the internal fighting and apologizing for the victims of violence · Issuing laws and resolutions as a guarantee to halt the violence . Community Settlement: · Preserving the financial and spiritual rights for the families of the victims. · Restoring the separable social fabrics resulted from the internal fighting and division. · Respecting the components of the Palestinian society and the specialties of the citizens and families. The correlation between the reconciliation issue and the other issues must be undertaken where the reconciliation committee needs more longer time ,activation of the law and justice and the importance of strong authority. Mechanism to achieve reconciliation: · Ending the state of division. · Giving rights for the victims and punishing the perpetrators. · Creating an environment of reconciliation among the Palestinian . · Creating an environment of tolerance and amnesty culture in the community. · Creating mechanisms and bases to halt the violence. · Ceasing all forms of media and factional incitement . · Holding mass meetings(school,clubs,universities….etc) · An official apology from the sides involved in the assaults on the people and their properties. He reiterated the same opinion of Mukaoner that we should engage the civil society institutions and all the community sectors in decision making .

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