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The Implications of Siege and the Internal Palestinian Division on the Situation in the Gaza Strip Since 2007

By: Omar Shaban  Introduction: June 2017 marks the 10th  year of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. It began on June 15, 2007, one day after Hamas seized control in Gaza and one year after Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary elections, which left Gaza mired in internal political conflict. The closure policy was not new; since 1967 the occupation military ... Read More »

Vacancy Announcement: Project Coordinator

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies is an independent non-profit think and do tank that aims to stimulate and inspire rational public discussions and consensus for the well-being of the Palestinians and the Region. Pal-Think aims to give a clear platform for constructive debate and abundant research regarding the Palestinian and regional issues. We are based in Gaza and were established in ... Read More »

New Release: What are the Alternatives with the Disappearence of the Two-State Solution?

What are the Alternatives with the Disappearence of the Two-State Solution?   By: Omar Shaban The two-state solution as a proposal for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the verge of vanishing. The United States (US) and the European Union (EU) as sponsors, as well as the Israelis and Palestinians, have openly expressed this. (…) Unfortunately, everyone warns that the two-state ... Read More »

Round table discussion with Mr. Jacques de Maio, Head of ICRC delegation in Israel and the Occupied Territories

Palthink for Strategic Studies continues its work as an independent Palestinian institution founded in March 2007 to promote dialogue, subjective and rational debate, and interest in the Palestinian cause and regional issues. In the past, Pal Think hosted respected guests who have influence on the Palestinian cause, including Mr. Pierre Krähenbühl UNRWA Commissioner-General,Mr. Reza Idris, deputy head of the Tenth ... Read More »

An Open Letter to the International Community

This open letter was drafted by Palthink for Strategic Studies and was signed by 52 Palestinian civil society organization An Open Letter to the International Community from Palestinian civil society Members of the International Community who have supported the Palestinian struggle for autonomy and self-determination now hold the key to the reunification of Palestine and the national healing process engaged ... Read More »

Are the Palestinians Ready for Independence?

By: Omar Shaban  The current Palestinian leadership does not appear ready for sudden independence. Despite the push for Palestinian statehood, there remains weaknesses in the Palestinian political establishment that undermine this quest. Political and social fragmentation, a lack of representative leadership and an inability to apply the rule of law seem to indicate that if Palestine were to become an ... Read More »

Youth Coalition Holds First English Club Meeting

Gaza – 15/6/2016: In the kick off meeting of the reading club – one of the activities implemented by the Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance (YCRT) of Pal-think – Dr. Mosheer Amer, Public Relations Head and Prof of Linguistics and Discourse Analysis at the IUG, along with many students from different universities in Gaza were gently invited to attend ... Read More »

Egypt and Hamas—Cooperation in the Works? – By Omar Shaban

By: Omar Shaban  Egypt, which enjoys friendly relations with both the Palestinian Authority and Israel, understands that it must normalize relations with Hamas to be able to act as a mediator between the three parties. The Egyptian government, which has yet to achieve convincing results in the fight against terrorist groups in Sinai, is also in need of Hamas’ cooperation ... Read More »

New Gaza War Inevitable without International Action

By: Omar Shaban  With the exception of the extremely slow reconstruction process of what was destroyed during the last Israel-Gaza war in the summer of 2014, the conditions that preceded that war remain in place. The Palestinian reconciliation process remains cosmetic, negotiations for a truce between Israel and Hamas that were supposed to resume under Egyptian auspices have stalled, and ... Read More »