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PalThink Concludes Second ‘Turning Human Rights and Democracy into Everyday Practices’ ToT Course

Gaza – PalThink for Strategic Studies has concluded the second 10-day training of trainers (ToT) course, as part of the “SWITCH: Turning the Principles of Human Rights and Democracy into Everyday Life and Practices for the People of Gaza” project, which Pal-Think implements in collaboration with ACTED and Convergences with funds from the European Union.

During the final training day, Pal-Think Director, Omar Shaban, talked to the trainees about the next steps in the project after equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, as they will lead and organize community workshops to disseminate the values they learned.

The training program provided the trainees with a panoramic view of the situation of human rights and democracy in Palestine and related issues and equipped them with the tools to measure and promote human rights and democracy.

At the beginning of the training, trainer Abdullah Sharshara introduced the concept of the human being from the point of view of law and the development of the concept. In turn, trainer Tahani Qassem addressed gender equality in the Palestinian society.

The second phase of the training, with trainer Talal Abu Rukba, focused on political participation and decision-making in the Palestinian political system and political decision-making mechanisms. Trainer Islam Atallah Musa discussed the concept of democracy, its developments, and global indicators.

For the third phase of the training program, trainer Muhammad Abu Kamil provided the trainees with media and publishing skills, which aims to provide the trainees with the basic skills to prepare media materials for publication on media websites.

The final phase of the training course focused on public speaking and presentation skills and was given by human development trainer Samah Al-Safadi.

It is worth mentioning that the trainees who received the democracy and human rights training will begin in the next phase of the project to use the skills and the knowledge they learned and gained to disseminate the values of human rights and democracy and contribute to the overall goal of the project, which is turning the principles of human rights and democracy into everyday life and practices.

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