Current Projects

The project is a continuation of the work of the Palestinian Strategic Thinking Group which was formed several years ago and produced several studies and strategic reports on the Palestinian issue. The total number of Palestinian thinkers includes a number of Palestinian intellectuals and researchers from Palestine, the diaspora and the Palestinian inside.

The project aims at increasing young people awareness of societal and democratic values in the Gaza Strip and contributing in making the youth more effective in their community.

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In the belief that Palestinian national and community Reconciliation is a national task with distinction, which requires that all efforts be concentrated in Palestinian society and that the promotion participation of people at all levels in the process of achieving tolerance and unity.

The project aims at disseminating non-violence culture within the Palestinian society as a means of resolving internal disputes and conflicts. It includes several cultural and awareness activities, stressing on the importance of tolerance, dialogue, and non-violence in confronting society issues..

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The project is a training course for 25 young men and women on multiple democratic topics. Those trainees are divided into 5 main groups across the Gaza Strip (Gaza, The Northern area, The Central area, Khan Younis, Rafah). The trainees are meant to transfer the knowledge they have acquired out of the course to other 20 young men and women through 3 meetings in each province. Based on this, the total number of beneficiaries of this project should be 300 young men and women.

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