Program Areas

PALThink has established three programs areas which they are:

Political and governance :
This unit will  deal with political issue such as:

  • The current and future political system in Palestine
  • The Palestinian Israeli conflict.
  • The democratization of the Palestinian political system.

Economic studies unite:
This unit will deal with the economic and developmental issues, such as:

  • Promoting the values of liberal economy , property rights and individual choice.
  • Developmental programs in the Palestinian territories
  • Maximizing the benefit of the intentional aid.
  • Enhancing the regional cooperation.

Social studies unit:
This unit will deal with other issues such as:

  • Educational sector
  • Health and social sectors
  • Children and women sectors
  • Youth sector.

Working on four dimensions:
The entire work of the institute will bring four dimensions:

  • Palestine.
  • Palestine and Israeli .
  • Palestine and Europe and the west.
  • Palestine and Arab and Moslem countries.