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“Pal -Think Concludes the Series of Radio Episodes on Entrepreneurship”

Within the framework of “Promoting Tolerance and Entrepreneurship” project , Pal -Think for Strategic Studies in cooperation with ATLAS Network and Alwan Radio have concluded the series of radio episodes on entrepreneurship. The institution hosted in the third radio episode a number of pilot projects founders that were established in Gaza Strip in order to present these pioneering youth models and the challenges they face and how to overcome them.

Initiated the episode the Engineer Ms. Suzan Attalla where she spoke about the first stages of her establishment of Veranda for garden designs where She made it clear that the company started with the idea of cultivating the roofs of the houses that she participated in as part of competition specialized in business incubation. After that she presented her idea in a number of exhibitions to people who started to accept the idea that was New to them, reaching to establishing her own company.

On the other hand, the Founder and Manager of Kanar Company Ms. Maha Abu Sedo mentioned that her company specializes in traditional fashion design but has expanded its services and introduced embroidery and Palestinian heritage into many household items such as picture frames, home corners and gifts for various occasions. Adding that one of the reasons for the success of her project is that it wasn’t only limited to Gaza market but reached the Palestinian and Arab market.

Participated also in the episode the Engineer Mr. Mohammed Al Nakhala the Founder and Manager of Surprise company where he said that he initiated his project by developing his passion in the handicrafts industry and presenting them as gifts that people exchange among themselves. He stressed that one of the most important obstacles he faced at the beginning was to find a permanent headquarters to display his team work that started with four individuals, until he finally managed to find a place where he divided it between an exhibition and a workshop where eight people work in it today.

At the end ,the guests emphasized that they have benefited in more than one stage of the services provided by the business incubators, especially at the beginning of the project and in the developmental stages, stressing that the financing aspect was not the cornerstone of achieving their success, but the consultation provided to them played a key role in stabilizing the success of their projects in different fields.

The guest also agreed that the process of E-Marketing is one of the most important elements of the success of the projects, as they contribute to the rapid access to the customer everywhere, stressing the importance of the pioneer ability in developing the idea of ​​his project, in a way that line with the need of the market and guarantee the preservation of his customers.

The pioneers mentioned that the main reasons for the failure of the pioneering entrepreneurial projects are, depending on the financial support provided by the supporting institutions for this type of project, and neglecting the development of their projects to generate money and become self-financing.

They also recommended young people who wish to establish their projects to be patient and non-despair at the first obstacle facing them during the first year of the pilot project.

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