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In less than 8 years, Pal-Think was able to build for itself a respectable name in the Palestinian society as one of the most prominent Palestinian think tanks. Pal-This enjoys great relations with all Palestinian political sectors and has managed to build strategic partnerships with some of the most active international organizations. The work that Pal-Think has been showing since its establishment reflects the strength of its management and the qualifications and expertise the organization enjoys. There are many reasons why Pal-Think is a great fit to be a partner in other projects, and the following explains the answer:


Pal-Think for Strategic Studies is an independent non-profit think and do tank that aims to stimulate and inspire rational public discussions and consensus for the well-being of the Palestinians. Pal-Thinks work is structured around a dual focus on 1) in-depth research and 2) civic society empowerment through project work; this way Pal-Think aims to give a clear platform for constructive debate and dialogue and to produce up to date research relevant of the Palestinian cause and the situation in the Middle East. There are multiple Palestinian and international researchers, authors, politicians and activists connected to Pal-think and its work. Up to now, some of Pal-Thinks main priorities have been to conduct research about the reconstruction of Gaza as well as the reconciliation- and peace processes of sustaining a shared Palestinian unit, both politically, geographically and socio-economically. A great effort has also been placed on actively engaging the young Palestinian population in meaningful political work and empowering them to take part in the civic life in Gaza.


Pal-Think is based in Gaza, one of the most conflicted areas in the world. The organisation was established in 2007 as a reaction to the controversial election in 2006, which was the point of origin of the current internal division of the political system in Palestine. After the elections in 2006 the political scene changed, not only within domestic policy in Palestine; the international community’s approach and policies towards Palestine changed drastically.

A group of Palestinian researchers and community activists with a diverse background in different fields of academia and with a diverse knowledge of the Middle East, its current problems, potentials and possibilities establish Pal-Think in an effort to ensure in depth research on the development of Palestinian after the election. Since 2006 Palestine, and particularly Gaza have witnessed a devastating de-development, which calls for an increased effort to understand and act towards the injustice and violations that is going on. Rational thought and the integration of the civil society in the process of reconciliation, reconstruction and development of a strong Palestine is what motivates the work of Pal-Think.


To be a frontrunner in the mediation of the Palestinian reconciliation and peace process and to contribute to the building of a free and democratic Palestinian society


Pal-Think believes in the power of the Palestinian civil society, and it aims to qualify the general public debate in Palestine through empowering the voice and capacity of the Palestinian people. Through a dual focus on research and civic empowerment, it is the mission of Pal-Think, not only to give the Palestinian people a voice, but also to give them tools to take power over their own lives and to be an active part in changing the situation in Palestine to develop a united and democratic Palestinian society.

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