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Status Quo and Nature of Irregular Migration from Palestine

This paper aims to highlight the reality of Palestinian migrants and the challenges of exile under the prevailing circumstances faced by Palestinians amidst multiple crises, including political, economic, and deteriorating social conditions, leading to a fundamental deterioration of humanitarian situations, forcing them to leave their homeland due to difficult living conditions they cannot cope with. This paper also seeks to provide a broader perspective by shedding light on the phenomenon of migration in the Gaza Strip, which reports indicate is steadily increasing, not only in exploring the causes and motives but also by discussing its repercussions on the migrants themselves, attempting to address the risks associated with migration by tracing the reality of migrants and highlighting the challenges and crises they face from the moment they decide to leave the country and what they endure in their exile. In addition, the paper aims to provide recommendations, the most important of which is the creation of national plans aimed at enhancing national belonging among youth and promoting citizenship concepts, in addition to creating job opportunities and establishing a conducive environment that aligns with the aspirations of young people.

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