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Policy Paper(Visions to Support the Palestinian National Reconciliation Conference): The Government Committee

Mohammed Hijazi Master of philosophy and political sciences from the University of Sofia. A specialist in the political Islam The de facto situation, division and the criminal Israeli practices have created an extraordinary burden on the Palestinians as well as political, social and economic challenges. He classified five ruling issues which must be neutralized and a new criteria and basis must be found so the government can tackle all other relevant issues. Regarding the recent Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, he stated that this issue has created a new de facto situation as the Israeli troops demolished a large part of the infrastructure, the public buildings, the private buildings in addition to the displacement of thousands of people. Regarding the division and reconciliation, it has created an additional burden on the work of the government and its role to implement the agreed deals in the current dialogues. The third issue of “what happens in the West Bank” is stemming from the Israeli continued settlement activity, demolition of homes and confiscation of land in Jerusalem to the construction of the Wall and their impact on the Palestinian people. The fourth issue is the burden of the international links. He hinted that there is an important development towards accepting Hamas within national unity government and within the Palestinian Political system as it is a leading power in the Palestinian arena. Therefore, it is important to use that development within Political Palestinian vision in favor of the Palestinian higher interests. In the fifth issue of the Israeli burden-logistics issues, he expected that the Israeli side which encourages the division among Palestinians, with specific scenarios, is expected to put obstacles before the government work, especially the movement of the Prime minister, members of the government in particular and the work of the government in general. He warned that drafting a new governmental program should meet the higher interests of our people and end the siege and do not contradict with the political programmatic trends of the PLO and its local and international commitment and openly accept the Arab initiative for peace. He pointed out that the government should enhance its ties with civil society institutions and engages it in decision-making.Furthermore,he proposed forming a committee of the government ,the private sector and the local institutions. He proposed the following basis and criterion: · Hamas should acknowledge that the government program is different from its own program. · Hamas should cope with the international conditions. · Separation between the Palestinian National Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian authority as it is a result of the PLO agreement with Israel. Hence, the burden of the political negotiations should be claimed by the PLO. · Creating a ministry for the reconstruction and a state minister for the reconciliation . · Forming the government with a mixture of factional, professional and independent figures should be considered.

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