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Health crisis: Challenges facing cancer patients, become worse and more complicated during the pandemic of COVID19


  • It’s not easy to be sick with cancer, and it’s even more difficult in the Gaza Strip, which has been under siege for the past 14 years. More than two million people live in a place, known as the most high-density population over all the world, without a single radiation therapy unit or one PET-CT system; plus, other diagnostic means and cancer-fighting medications are in meager supply, too, and don’t always meet the needs of those whose lives are at risk
  • In Gaza, monthly newly discover cases around (120-130) new cases, and the total cancer patients are (8326) distribution between male, female and pediatric, during the last five years (2014-2018)
  • Female, are the high percent (55%), male around (45%), breast cancer was the most common type (75%) of all cancer cases, and occupying first place among cancers of the female patients, Colon cancer was the most common type among males, representing (13.5%) of male cancers. In children, the most common cases of pediatric cancers were Leukemia (26.2%)
  • The most common cancer mortality in general population was Bronchus and Lung (16.9%), Colorectal (11%) and Breast (10%)

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