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lecture ’’Effective Networking and Marketing of Entrepreneurial Ideas and Projects’’

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies organized a lecture entitled “Effective Marketing and Networking of Entrepreneurial Ideas and projects”, with an active participation of 20 students and graduates of universities in the Gaza Strip, from both genders and various specialization. The lecture was held as part of the project “Promoting Tolerance and Entrepreneurship”, a project that was launched by Pal-Think, in cooperation with Atlas Network – a non-profit organization based in the United States -, which aims to promote a culture of tolerance, entrepreneurship and self-employment among young people in the Gaza Strip.

The lecture was opened by Mr. Omar Shaban, the director of Pal Think, he welcomed young participants and increase their knowledge and awareness, so that they could contribute to Palestine, locally, regionally, and internationally

Initiated the lecture, the researcher and pioneer Ms. Halima Abdul Aziz, who addressed several topics dealing with, the concepts of networking, marketing and entrepreneurship, and talked about the how to present the idea of ​​the pilot project in a clever way, and the appropriate place for that, in addition to the importance of verification of the feasibility of the pilot idea, that include Studying the market, product, competitors and financial feasibility.

The researcher also mentioned the importance of market research, and the selection of the target group in this pilot project under the name of market segmentation, and the marketing strategies for the project, whether it is a product or a service. As well as, networking techniques and how to build a strong relationship in the market, how to get funding for this idea, which is not limited to financial support only and may extend to include consulting, staff with expertise, capacity and acquire certain skills building.

Ms. Halima concluded the lecture by asking the lecturers about their pioneering ideas, as she asked them to write down their ideas and what is so special about it, and encourage them to go forward towards it, giving them advice and consultation regarding that.

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