Pal-Think Concludes Public Speaking and Reflective Writing Programme

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies has concluded a training program entitled “Public Speaking and Reflective writing”, in a simple ceremony held with the participants in the program, where certificates of achievement were distributed to the participants. The programme was launched from July 2019 to February 2020, within a project “Strengthening Democratic Participation of Young Palestinians”, in cooperation with The Government of Canada. This programme is part of Pal-Think’s efforts to advance sustainable human development through investment in youth.

The meeting was opened by the director of Pal-Think, Mr Omar Shaaban, who thanked the trainers and the trainees, and said: ‘We are proud of this program because we found a noticeable difference among the participants in writing research papers, speeches and body languages.’  Then he added: ‘Pal-Think is a place that is always open to young people, and we are ready to publish other papers for participants.’  After that, Mr Omar Shaaban thanked the participants and the trainers who oversee the program, Mrs Hiba Al-Danaf, and Mr Yahya Qaoud, as well as the Canadian representative to the Palestinian Authority, for their support for the project and for the ongoing partnership with Pal- Think for strategic studies to enhance the role of youth and to develop their efficiency and their capacity for the labour market.

Afterwards, a programme trainer, Mr Yehya Qaoud, said: ‘We have established the participants on a solid scientific basis. As a result, most research papers have targeted community issues that concern young people, and seek existing community problems. 

Additionally, the participants spoke of the difference that the training made in their lives, as the intern, Mai Al-Sous, (25 years) said: ‘Training helped in strengthen my writing ability in general.’ she continued: ‘  I am writing a short film scenario now, titled: Gaza Spot’. As well, ‘The training developed my writing skill, and I have a critical eye.  I have now joined another training program to write policy papers and assess the situation’, said Norhan AlTabatibi (26 years).

Furthermore, the participants also agreed that the programme had developed their body languages and speaking capacity. Finally, they thanked Pal-Think for its great efforts since 2007 to implement community reconciliation and her interest in youth.

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