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Meeting with the deputy head of the Hamas Government, Mr. Ismail Hanyia

In continuity of Pal-Thinks’ efforts to enhance the public debate on core issues and challenges that concern the region, I met yesterday with the deputy head of the Hamas Government, Mr. Ismail Hanyia, for one hour, where I discussed with him the fact that Hamas should depart the status of waiting and adopt a more proactive position at three different levels;

  • Political; where Hamas needs to present its formal position towards the peace process and Arab peace initiative.
  • Relation with the civil society; where Hamas needs to present concrete plans and solid initiatives towards long-term partnership with civil society organizations, in order to find solutions to some of the challenges that are facing the Gaza Strip .
  • The importance of maintaining the truce between Israel and Hamas as it was agreed upon on December 2012 (Seize Fire Agreement in Cairo).

Mr. Hanyia welcomed the suggestions, and agreed for Hamas to participate at Pal-Thinks’ invitation to organize a public event, where Hamas will present its position in regards to these issues. It is anticipated to organize this event in April 2014. So, please keep tuned for more information.

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