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Mr. Omar Shaban met with Belgium MFA in Gaza

Mr. Omar Shaban was invited to meet with the Belgium MFA Mr. Reynders who visited Gaza this week to brief him on the situation. The visit of H.E was confined to the destroyed areas where he met with displaced people, he heard from women and children. The visit has given very important signal of solidarity and support to the marginalized population. Mr. Shaban walked him for 15 minutes through the tiny streets where the rubles, destroyed building and tens of children are around the whole place. Mr. Shaban expressed his assessment to the honorable guest that the situation in Gaza is extremely worrying, Gaza was very close to war last week when H. and IL exchanged fires over the borders. It is the time for the EU and Int. community to actively engage in a dialogue to push for Palestinian reconciliation and lifting the Gaza siege and implementing projects that aim to enhance the development in Gaza. There is no time to waste until another round of war erupts .


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