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International Experience with COVID-19 -The Spanish Experience –

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies organized a dialogue discussion entitled “International Experience with COVID-19” on the 29th of Dec, hosting Roxana Nicula -Fundalib President- to speak about the Spanish experience with COVID-19, and moderated by Bader Alzaharana. The discussion shed light on how the virus affected Spain and what the consequences of the virus are on the Spanish sectors including economic, social, and organizational aspects.

The meeting was initiated by Omar Shaban, the director of Pal-Think for Strategic Studies. He welcomed Nicula and the guests and accumulated the value of learning from others’ experiences.

Nicula pointed out that the scale of the humanitarian crisis has been matched by widespread economic disruption, where 95% of SMEs are affected. At the same time, she explained that even though the government of Spain was imposing strict measures on the ground to control the spread of the disease, but the consequences of which were not superior to all which proceeded but leading to worse conditions, noting what Commander Simandor claimed that masks should not be worn, which exacerbated the crises. Basically, that is why Spain did not have positive features in results.

Likewise, she explained that the government of Spain rejected many international and local supports, which aims to help in controlling the spread of the disease.

Going forward, Nicula praised the role of civil society in overcoming all COVID barriers for the sake of reviviscent and controlling the spread of the disease by practicing social distancing and wearing face masks, and not following what the government states. As a result of which, she clarified that the civil society of Spain made it to gain good results limiting COVID’s spread.

Then she spoke about a campaign “Private Health Saves Lives”, which its foundation launched on October 29, with the dissemination of graphic material on its social networks. The campaign is run by international and local specialists of COVID, for the purpose of combating unawareness. There are also some guidelines for health sector workers, to work more optimally against the disease.

Then Nicolua concluded by receiving questions from the attendance and providing some advice related to how to build a practical bridge by self-education and open-mindedness to unleash the potential of any obstacles.

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