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Pal-Think concludes the “Conflict Resolution” training for the YPC

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies concluded a training program titled “Conflict Resolution and Community Peacebuilding Skills” that extended from 23rd to 28th of November 2019 within the Youth Political Club (YPC) project funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project aims at building the capacities of 25 Palestinian youth selected carefully, and train them on strategic thinking and community service.

Mahmoud Abdelhadi, the trainer, said “during the training we focused on building coexistence for the youth groups, and we highlighted the principles of individual differences that cause conflicts, and how to solve such conflicts and spread awareness for the culture of conflict resolution.”

Trainees learned about the concept framework of conflicts, the stages a conflict undergoes, identifying conflicts within a community, and ways to intervene and implement resolutions. They also learned how to facilitate awareness sessions on conflicts to be relayed to the community. Trainees have expressed their gratitude towards Pal-Think’s selection of the training topic where Areej, 24, who is a graduate of history and political sciences, said “My personal and community skills were weak since we only get theoretical knowledge in college, but it is different here. We practiced how to resolve conflicts and how to intervene and solve them.” She also commended Pal-Think’s investment in youth and its dedication to build strategic thinking as a culture.

Alaa Alfar, 20, a law student, said “We received training on the steps to use nonviolence to deal with any conflict we would possibly face. We also trained on how to accept the opinion of others. This training will benefit us in all aspects of life.”

The YPC project will extend to April 2020 and will have covered a variety of activities programmed to found a human infrastructure of change. It started with a series of lectures on law, history, democracy, and other topics of priority to Palestinians. Lectures are then followed by a series of training modules in the following topics: Communication and Leadership Skills, Social Media and Personal Branding Skills, Conflict Resolution and Community Peacebuilding Skills, Policy Writing Skills, and Lobbying and Advocacy Campaigning Skills. The capstone project for the YPC members in this project will be planning and implementing community initiatives to apply their skills in giving back to the community.


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