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Training Session Entitled “Debates“

30 graduates in different fields of study (including law, media and political science) participated in a training session entitled “Debates”, organized by PalThink for Strategic Studies in cooperation with Coalition for Accountability and Integrity. The training took place on 31 August and 1 September.

The first day was dedicated to the law of “the right of access to information”, which aims to enable citizens and residents in Palestine to exercise their right of access to information in public institutions. As well, the law has the purpose to create transparent and accountable public institutions, open to people.

On the second day the training addressed the concept of debates, including the variety of its forms, types and features. It highlighted debates as a tool for social accountability and fight against corruption. The training ended with a group work, where participants could apply in practice their knowledge.

This was the last training, organized as part of the programme “Youth House of Diversity and Democratization” which has the goal to strengthen the role of youth in civic and political issues in the Palestinian society.

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