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PalThink Celebrates Graduation of Second Group of Young Civil Intellectuals

PalThink for Strategic Studies proudly marks the successful conclusion of the “Civil Education Corps – Phase II” project, generously funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). A momentous closing ceremony was held to honor the graduates and was attended by a vibrant gathering of socially engaged youth. The event was enriched by the active participation of members from the Civil Education Corps who eloquently shared their inspiring experiences gained throughout the project.

The closing ceremony was facilitated by Abdul Rahman Ismail, a distinguished member of the Civil Education Corps, who conveyed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all his colleagues. He acknowledged the project’s instrumental role in providing training, workshops, radio episodes, and research paper writing, which have been crucial in fostering personal and professional growth.

Sally Al-Sammak, the project manager, expressed her delight at the overwhelming success of the project’s activities and events, crediting the remarkable efforts of trainers, activists, and trainees alike. In her speech, she recounted the project’s conception, implementation stages, and the remarkable achievements of the participants. Of particular pride was the publication of the “Young Writers” book, which compiles the research papers authored by the talented participants.

Moreover, Sally Al-Sammak assured the graduates that PalThink is committed to maintaining ongoing communication with them. The organization will continue to involve them in educational and awareness-raising activities while keeping them informed about PalThink’s knowledge production and including them in its permanent activities

The celebration took on a truly inspiring dimension when graduates shared their success stories. Aseel Safi, overcome with gratitude, expressed her transformative journey with PalThink: “I was a shy girl lacking emotional stability. However, after going through the project’s training and experiential opportunities, I emerged stronger and more confident.”

Nour Abed also expressed profound appreciation, describing the project as an enlightening and motivating experience that went beyond a mere training program. She credited PalThink for opening doors to new opportunities and for enabling her growth and development in the realms of democracy and human rights.

Another heartening account came from Abdullah Al-Baba, who highlighted the project’s role in deepening his understanding of democracy and human rights in the Palestinian context. The training had a profound impact on his social involvement and reinforced his belief that education is a critical means of youth empowerment.

Maad Omar, in her humble words, reflected on her remarkable ability to confidently articulate her vision and ideas to a wide audience, a skill she attributes to months of dedicated work facilitated by PalThink. She emphasized the project’s significance in promoting democracy and societal issues and praised the spirit of collaboration among colleagues.

The celebration culminated in the captivating performance of traditional Palestinian Dabka, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region. Certificates of completion were then joyously distributed to the participants, commemorating their dedication and achievements.

The Civic Education Corps project spanned from July 2022 to June 2023, with a mission to instill the values of democracy among young individuals, empowering them to actively participate in decision-making processes and take on leadership roles in society. The project’s comprehensive curriculum covered topics such as democracy, human rights, community education, civic education methodologies, research writing, critical thinking, and dialogues. Notably, the program hosted meetings and discussions throughout all regions of the Gaza Strip.

PalThink for Strategic Studies expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for its unwavering support and belief in the transformative power of education and youth engagement.

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