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PalThink for Strategic Studies Strongly Condemns Attack on UNRWA Summer Games Camp

Gaza- Monday, May 24, 2010– PalThink for Strategic Studies expresses condemns the unjustified aggression carried out by a large number of armed gunmen on summer games camp organized by UNRWA at a beach in the west of Gaza City.

Such actions do not reflect the real principles of Palestinian people which are based on noble behaviors. UNRWA is one of the organizations that is doing a lot for the Palestinian people despite the enormous challenges that encounter it. The last achievement of UNRWA and its director Mr. John Ging which was the dissemination of 200,000 laptop to children in refugee camps and marginalized areas makes us as Palestinians so proud of its effort towards our society.

This attack and previous ones prevent our children from getting the opportunity of learning and having fun, especially after the bloody Israeli aggression last year.
Mr. John Ging, the director of UNRWA operations has not stopped condemning the policies of the Israeli occupation. Mr. Ging who left his vacation and returned to Gaza Strip two days after the outbreak of the Israeli war last year deserves our respect and appreciation.

In the last session of Face the Public program that was organized by PalThink, Mr. John Ging has spoken to the Palestinian society with open heart about various issues. He confirmed the high commitment of UNRWA towards serving the Palestinian society. He stated that several parties want the UNRWA to stop operating, simply because it represents the identity of Palestinian refugees and their issue. Directionally, the closure of UNRWA means the end of refugees issue, which is a dream of several rightist parties in our world.

PalThink for Strategic Studies appeals to all Palestinians to express their condemnation and disapproval of this attack on the UNRWA in a responsible and dignified manner. While such actions contribute in distorting the image of Palestine.

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