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Pal-Think’s Civic Education Corps carried out an awareness-raising workshop about Gender-Based Violence at University of Palestine

Pal-Think’s Civic Education Corps carried out an awareness-raising workshop entitled “Gender-based violence”, at the University of Palestine, in the presence of a number of university students.

It is worth noting that this comes as part of the project ” Civic Education Corps,” which is being implemented by Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy( NED)

The meeting was opened by the Director of the Public Relations Department of the University of Palestine Mr. Mohammed Abu Deya  who welcomed Pal-Think and emphasized the importance of carrying out such events, which would help raise awareness among students of both genders.

He also stressed that the meeting would be the beginning of cooperation with Pal-Think and Civic Education to target as many students as possible.

The meeting was moderated by Ms  Farah Zakout  and Mr Sami Shakora, who are both participating in preparing a civic intellectual training. During the meeting, they spoke about gender.

They highlighted that gender is a constant term that does not change with place or time, as opposed to the one that changes from place and time. And that there are several factors that are controlled, including customs and traditions.

They also described gender roles, as well as gender-based violence in the Palestinian situation, mechanisms for dealing with cases of gender-based violence, and reviewed legal texts dealing with cases of gender-based violence.

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