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Closing “Youth Debates League”

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies has closed the Youth Debates League, within the “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders for Palestine” project, implemented by Pal-Think and FXB International, where two teams out of 6 teams qualified for the final, in previous day, they debated several arguments. Today, the two teams debated the argument “NGOs succeeded in protecting public freedoms despite the Palestinian division. The members of the “Young Leaders” team, Aya Ashour, Fayeq Mohsen, and Muhammad Adwan, participated as a proposition team, while Ansam AlSaifi, Rania Zuhd and Abd Alrahman Ismail participated as an opposition team.
The proposition team won, emphasizing that the goal of the debates is to promote the values of dialogue, respect the opinions of others, and accept differences.
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