Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance meets Danish Consul

Gaza – 16/5/2016: In a step for resuming the activities of Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance – Palthink, a number of YCRT members met Danish Consul, Anders Friborg, and Political attaché, Mrs. Malin, to discuss the reality of youth as well as problems and challenges facing them due to the siege and division. They additionally conversed about the role of International community toward the catastrophic situation people in Gaza Strip go through in general and youth in special.
The Consul listened to the suggestions and ideas of youth which would contribute in changing the stereotypical image of Gaza in the Western and European communities. There were many thoughts exchanged that would support and assist youth, such as, conducting conferences with internationally diplomatic politicians to deliver the Palestinian message accurately; establishing programs to help in educating youth about their political, human, and legal rights; implementing student exchange programs between Palestine and the West so that each party would see the others picture clearly; giving the chance for youth in Gaza and West Bank to meet and hold seminars for talks. Youth furthermore demanded an incessant support from the International Community to pave the way in front of the Palestinians to reconcile, make elections and end the division.
The Consul, for his part, expressed his highest appreciation for the youth of Palestine since he observes a glimmer of hope within their spirits to reach their goals. He thanked the group of youth who attended  the meeting, and expressed his enthusiasm about their positivity and energy. He as well stressed on the importance of holding round-table discussions for exchanging ideas that would help youth. He finally asserted that Denmark would keep on its positive role regarding the Palestinian issue represented by pushing the Palestinians community toward the national reconciliation.


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