Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Democracy (YCRD) held meeting entitled “How People View Democracy”

Gaza – 16th Dec 2015, Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Democracy (YCRD), under the umbrella of Pal-Think for strategic studies, organized a meeting entitled “How People View Democracy.”, Attended by many youth from several backgrounds, and More than 15 member of the coalition participated in the session in order to exchange ideas related to democracy. The meeting started with a word delivered by Omar Shaban, the director of Pal-Think, addressed the topic of the session  stressing on the importance of understanding the concept itself before applying it in our real life. This was because it is well-known that if you want to implement any political perception, you must understand it. He then asked the attendants to write their own definition for democracy before watching the videos. By doing so, the members compared between their comprehension for democracy and the conception of in for different people.

Watching more than 15 video contested in the EED competition for the best video on democracy, the members of coalition, thoroughly, discussed the term from dissimilar angles and views. Here are some of the definitions that the members came up with during the meeting: “Democracy is to have a solution for a problem that makes everyone satisfied,” “It is you. It is when you are about to make a decision and you don’t ask someone else to take this decision for of you. You are responsible. You are the one to choose,” “It is a lifestyle that allows everyone to participate in decision making,” “Democracy, with its narrowest meaning, is a government by people, and, with its wide meaning, is a complete lifestyle,” “It is life, hope and believing in every beautiful thing,” “Democracy is to provide safety, security, and stability.”

It is important to mention that this meeting is the fourth for the YCRD in which they discuss many variant issues that, as they think, are very significant for them and their nation as well as for the enhancement of their country.

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