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YPC Organized a Session about Community Initiatives

Youth Political Club hosted community activist Bader Alzaharna in one of a series of meetings with local and international social advocacy groups with successful experiences that can benefit the objectives of the YPC. Alzaharna had thanked Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for hosting and funding the activities of the YPC.

He opened the session speaking about his account with implementing youth community initiatives targeting different beneficiaries and leaving a sustainable impact on the society. He also discussed with the YPC members some skills in planning, proposal writing, budgeting, as well as monitoring, evaluation, and learning from the implemented activities. The session serves as a prelude to a training package the YPC will receive in order to prepare them to launch community initiatives of their own to contribute to social reform in an extension of Pal-Think’s vision for nonviolence and social reconciliation for the strategic good of the Palestinian people.

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