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The Civic Education Board of Pal-Think Is Conducting an Awareness-Raising Meeting at the University of Gaza

The Civic Education Board, in Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, carried out the first face-to-face awareness workshop entitled “Principles of Democracy”, on Sunday, the 14th of February 14, 2021, at Gaza University. It is worth noting that this workshop is part of the “Preparing a Civil intellectual” project, which is implemented by Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The workshop was conducted by the students, Aya Abo Hattab and Abdullah Hassan, during which they spoke about the concept of democracy, the stages of the development of the concept of democracy, the relationship between democracy and human rights, the elements of democracy and the obstacles to democratization, and the facilitators spoke about freedoms and the relationship of democracy with new politicians, away from typical parties, to enrich the political process.

The meeting was attended by several university students with different majors. The students also emphasized the importance of democracy in the process of state’s sectors development and its role in promoting integrity and transparency.

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