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“Youth Participate” Radio Program: Graduates and Freelancing

The 9th episode of “Youth Participate” Radio program aired on Alwan Radio station discussed a significant topic titled “Graduates and Freelancing”. This activity is within the “Enhancing Democratic Participation for Palestinian Youth” project implemented by Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and funded by the Government of Canada.

For the episode, Abdallah Abu-Shammala and Mai Al-Sous were hosted for their reflective paper titled ” Graduates of Freelancing”.

At the outset of the episode, Abu-Shammala talked about vital aspects of the research paper; they were the definition of freelancing, the crisis of graduates and freelancing, Palestinian youth and freelancing and the prevalence of the freelancing culture amongst youth.

Through a survey, Palestinian youths were asked about their experiences with different freelancing websites. Each had a different opinion on the matter. Indeed, some were capable of gaining money whereas others were exposed to fraud. 

Heba Hayek, auditor and translator, had a thought on her experience as a freelancer starting since she joined an intensive training-course in one of the civic society’s organizations in Palestine. “Working as a freelancer honed my skills and guaranteed me a job on the internet” she said.

In addition, she declared that there are two types of freelancers some of who work from home and others of who work with an incubator or a hosting organization. “This frees youths from the on-site work and does opens them new horizons to fight unemployment” she added.

Al-Sous highlighted to what extent the Palestinian youths are aware of freelancing and how much they know about it. She believed that the number of people accepting the culture of freelancing is increasing.

The guests of the episode went on deeper in regard to freelancing fields of work, the importance of specializing in freelancing and working on E-commerce in addition to the significance of mastering the language of the audience.

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